About us

Arkipolis Arquitectura & Urbanismo S.L.P is an architecture firm with more than 40 years of experience in design and construction of a wide variety of Residential and Institutional Buildings, Universities, Hotels, Wineries and Urban planning projects.

The experience and knowledge acquired over all these years have taught us that the best buildings are the result of a special attention to details of the construction process, without forgetting the budget and functional necessities of our clients.  This has enabled us the successful completion of more than 300 projects in all major sectors, all over Spain.

Our approach to every project involves listening carefully to our clients, adopting their goals as if they were our own. The functional program set by each client is addressed with a unique architectonical and constructive solution that ensures cost containment and energy efficiency of the installations.

The Company , led by the architect J. Manuel Gomez Gaite, comprises a multidisciplinary team of architects, technical architects, structural engineers,  topographers, and town planning lawyers to offer an integral solution in development and management of every single building and city-planning project.


Manuel Gómez Gaite Architect
Cristina Gómez Mirón Architect
Rodrigo Fritis Cáceres Architect
Luis Maisueche Arrellaga Architect
Luis del Hoyo Gómez-Pallete Architect
Roberto Sanz Izquierdo Architect
María Arias Herrero Architect
Nuria Álvarez Alonso Architect
Leopoldo Uría Herrero Architect
Beatriz Aguado Gatón Draftswoman
Mariano Casado Gallego Draftsman
Eva Mª García Fraile Administrative
Alfonso Gómez Gaite Structural Engineer
Alfonso Redondo Gómez Structural Engineer
Eduardo Fernandez-Divar Town planning lawyer
Francisco Moretón Alonso Technical Architect
Saturnino Díez Fincias Technical Architect
Francisco Saludador Olivas Building services Engineer
Miguel  Vega Gordaliza Telecommunications Engineer

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